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Isn't a Virtual Assistant the same as a Virtual Business manager?

Knowing when to hire a Virtual Business Manager means knowing the needs of your business.


Do you need someone to manage areas of your business? Someone that will own their responsibilities and manage others on the team?  How about someone to manage projects or implement strategies? Here are a few differences between a Virtual Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant:



The focus on the Virtual Business Manager is on “management” – we are hired to keep an eye on the big picture and manage all the pieces (projects, team members, operations, expenses) to ensure that all projects are getting completed in a timely and efficient manner.


The focus of the Virtual Assistant is on ‘doing’ – VA’s are hired to perform specific tasks (i.e.: customer service, shopping cart maintenance, etc.) or complete specific projects (i.e.: setup a new member area or blog) and are the ones actually doing the work.


Level of Responsibility:

Virtual Business Managers are responsible for the success and smooth functioning of the entire business – no just their own individual work.


 Virtual Assistants are responsible for their own individual tasks or work.


Measures of success:

A Virtual Business Manager is successful when everyone’s tasks and projects are being completed and delivered in a timely fashion.  The team is happy and motivated.  Systems are running smoothly and efficiently.


A Virtual Assistant is successful when their own tasks and projects are being completed and delivered in a timely fashion.



How much does it cost to hire a Virtual Business Manager?

Look at the cost of hiring a Virtual Manager by asking yourself this question – What will it cost my business if I don’t hire someone at this time in my business? What will you gain?  if the cost of the Virtual Manger provides you with the time to monetarially boost your business by gaining new clients, starting a mastermind, having the time to promote yourself and grow your audience and do the things that you would love to do as next steps for growth – then this question answers itself. 

Is a Virtual Business Manager different than an OBM (Online Business Manager) ?

A Virtual Business Manager is the same as an OBM (Online Business Manager).  I have chosen the title of Virtual Business Manager because for some people it is easier to understand and they can relate to the “virtual” nature of my work.  I am a  Certified Online Business Manager and a member of the International Association of Online Business Managers.

Where does a Virtual Manager fit in the hierarchy of a business?

The Virtual Business Manager oversees your business for you so we are right up there under you. We manage the day to day details of the business, the launches, projects, team and operations so that you can know that everything is running smoothly while you are doing what ONLY YOU CAN DO in your business.

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