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My Story

From an early age I realized that life is so much about the relationships we have.  Whether it was my family, my classmates, a favorite teacher or a dear     friend – these relationships were instrumental in forming who I am today.  It seems that in the business world relationships are just as important – they form your business.

My childhood was spent in the Philippine Islands.  All my childhood experiences and memories were made in this beautiful country.  It is clear to me that this wonderful childhood has created in me a different view – a view that is more understanding of other cultures, backgrounds, diversities and people in general.  It has taught me that people come and go in my life and to treasure each relationship.  I learned to appreciate others and their keen differences.

As an adult and in my work experiences, I found that serving others was where I chose to shine.  With over 20+ years in customer care at several different corporations, caring for the client was my primary role.  From working in customer service for the company that sold Kitty Litter to caring for clients at a world class medical device corporation; talking to the customers, finding a way to help them and make their day better was my best role.  In several of these roles, I was able to manage some amazing people.  Watching them learn, grow and advance under my leadership was a reward in and of itself.  Some of these relationships are still thriving long after our working days together have passed.  My last role in the corporate world was as a General Manager for a thriving executive office suites company.  I found out quickly that my day consisted of back-to-back interruptions from clients needing help, assistance or just someone to talk to.  I quickly learned the flow and thrived in this environment of organized chaos.




The best part of my day was when I got to be with my clients, whether it was helping them get a new office, upgrade or change their services, set-up a meeting for them or solve a business or personal problem – they became my utmost priority.  The job could be challenging, at times frustrating but the relationships are what made me show up each day – to continue serving and growing these relationships.

When I discovered the role of the Online Business Manager and the world of online businesses, I was excited to learn more.  It was apparent to me that this role would incorporate all of the skills, strengths and education (BS in Marketing and numerous courses and on the job training) that have served me so far.  The many years management in customer service, project management, and running business executive office suites in downtown Colorado Springs.

I chose to learn from the “master” and enrolled in Tina Forsyth’s “Online Business Manger Certification” program.   I quickly found out that the online business world is not only GROWING but THRIVING.   I love the fact that I can work for a business that could be anywhere in the world and form relationships with people from so many interesting businesses and backgrounds.

I live in beautiful Colorado at the base of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs with my husband and beloved dogs.  I am indeed blessed.  Most weekends you will find us camping & fishing up in the mountains or spending time with our family.  I enjoy numerous hobbies and I am passionate about all of them.  

My Ideal Client…

  • Has a business that is in growth mode, perhaps ready for a launch and struggling with managing all the details, deadlines, timelines and the team.
  • Is working in the business more than you want to
  • Realizes there are so many important CEO things you should be doing
  • Is struggling to have the time needed to serve her clients the way she needs to and cannot bring in new clients because of this
  • Feels like the business is in chaos and until there is some calm from the chaos, the growth desired cannot happen
  • Spends way too much time managing the team and it is making her exhausted
  • Has an amazing offer/product but is wondering if she will ever get the time to develop it and move on to the next big awesome idea
  • Needs solid systems and processes in place
  • Understands the value of partnering with someone to run the day to day business for her/him

My Desire to serve

My desire to serve and support online businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches and speakers was revealed to me in 2014 during an International Women’s Conference that I attended. Having spent the majority of my career in a corporate structure, I was delighted to discover this whole industry of influential people that bring their talents and gifts to the world via the internet.  It was then that I decided that I needed to support this industry.  Realizing that I had years of valuable experience that I could offer in Sales & Marketing, Team Management, Operations Management and Project Management, it was obvious to me that offering my services as an Online Business Manager would be how I could serve this community best.

We could be a great fit!

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