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Hi there! You’re probably here because you sense you need help. Help to grow, help to move forward, help to create efficiencies and more. Virtual managers are skilled to partner with business owners like you! However, we are not all the same! Take a moment to uncover what makes me different, and how we can connect to grow your business!


  • Education –BS Marketing (GPA 3.895)
  • Certificate- Online Business Management
  • Member of IAOBM
  • Extensive experience in:
    • Team Management
    • Operations
    • Customer Care
    • Business Management
    • Project Management
  • 20 + years in customer service/billing/client satisfaction
  • Volunteer at Penrose Hospital (2 years)
    • ICU
    • Pharmacy
  • Teacher of young minds- 2 years teaching First grade – embracing the role of teaching and influencing the 6 year- old learner.
  • Colorado Pioneer- Family goes back 100+ years in Colorado history.
  • Spent childhood (18+ years) in Philippine Islands = TCK (third culture kid)

My Core Values


In all areas of my life I desire harmony and I seek out like-minded people that also value a harmonious (choas free) life.


With integrity I strive to provide an honest life in work, home, relationships and community. 


With a resourceful mindset, always striving to know more and learn more.  Using this mindset I am able to obtain the knowledge needed in order to better serve my clients, my family and myself.


I love to play and laugh with my family, friends and those I work with.  From an early age we all learn through playing.  Even as adults our minds are more open to new ideas when we are “playing” and are able to engage in the low stress environment of being playful.

My Approach

When I look at my clients’ business, instead of addressing the obvious pain first, I like to uncover all the areas of the business that could be contributing to specific pain points. I seek to see the whole operation and understand it before I create a game plan. I am not about putting a band-aid on issues, but rather uncovering the underlying sources that are more than likely causing the problem. Because when I go after a solution, I intend it to be sustainable long-term.

My approach is personal, even though it is a business relationship, I want to know what makes you tick, what keeps you up at night, and what your short and long term goals are. What does succcess look like for you? Let’s get clear on that and drive all our actions towards making that happen.

It’s All Customized!

From customer -service issues, to deeper operational issues, every business is unique in their philosophy on how they deliver on their brand experience. I take a deep dive to fully understand your core values, your business’ personality and delivery approach, your culture, and so many more facets in order to plan, create, and implement solutions that get and keep you aligned to continue to up-level your growth and competitive advantage.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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